Ballast Water

The future of shipping points to a number of emerging interesting focal areas, one of which is the need for an environmentally more positive operation. The discharge of Ballast Water carried by ships has been identified as a significant factor in the transport of harmful or invasive marine organisms among different geographical habitats. As a result, new compliance requirements have emerged. NAIAS offers a broad and up to date service platform to international shipping for such compliance.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems are subjected , as described in the many aspects similar protocols of IMO and VGP , to an initial Commissioning Testing and to subsequent Annual treated BW discharge monitoring in order to test compliance of the BWT system to specific Biological and, depending on the implemented technology, chemical Biocide indicators.

The NAIAS NABALLAST ISO certified Ballast Water monitoring platform consists of two components:

  1. The Biological Commissioning Testing Component.
  2. The Annual performance monitoring Component.

Our component A:

Has been enriched by our American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) accreditation as Approved Service Provider for Ballast Water Management Systems- D2 Biological Commissioning Testing.

For this component, NAIAS based on extensive processing of scientific literature and IMO regulatory decisions developed the NABALLAST IMO D-2 BWM Biological Commissioning Testing protocol that uses a proprietary sampling system and ensuing sampling process, along with ISO accredited laboratory testing in accordance with:

  • IMO BWM.2/Circ.42/Rev.1
  • IMO MEPC 75/18/Add.1
  • IMO BWM.2/Circ. 70/Rev.1
  • EMSA guidelines.

Chemist making ballast testing
Ballast Water Biological Testing Kit

Specially trained inspectors with supplemental chemistry background are available to carry out this type of operation. The service includes complete sampling hardware transferred on board, completion of the appropriate BW discharge sampling protocol, proper samples processing on-board and transfer of samples for laboratory testing and final compliant reporting.

Our Component B:

Provides IATA approved globally transportable sampling KITS, with prearranged DHL documentation and tracking that include all required and compliant consumables for the sampling and the ensuing BIOLOGICAL TESTING sub protocol as well as the BIOCIDE RESIDUALS TESTING sub protocol, as required.

Our service stations in Piraeus, Singapore, US Gulf of Mexico (Houston) , Perth and Vancouver are available for testing service. Our IFIA certified inspectors can be available to board a vessel and execute a wide range of sampling operations.