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Scrape Down Analysis


Large Marine Two stroke engines rely on the proper feeding of Cylinder Oil for their lubrication. Cylinder Oil is called upon to protect the combustion section of the engine from damages that may originate from causes such as mechanical wear or cold corrosion.

The Cylinder Oil and other combustion impurities collected into each main engine cylinders scrape down, contains valuable detailed information on the engines operating conduction and this information is key to the preventive maintenance of the engine.

NAIAS LABS offer the Cylinder Oil Drain Analysis (CODA) program.

  • Scrape down samples are collected separately from each cylinder, along with peripheral fuel and lubricants samples and are sent to NAIAS LABS for an in depth analysis and assessment. Results are presented in a concise and easy to understand final report.
  • Assistance in the proper monitoring of engines condition, as per OEMs recommendations, is provided to operators.