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Compliance to 2050 carbon atmospheric emissions reduction, as set by international bodies such as IMO, may be assisted by the use of Biofuels that recycle carbon dioxide via biological processes.

Biofuels can be used as blending material in Maritime, Aviation and Land based use fuels. They have a chemistry base different than that of hydrocarbons (petroleum) based fuels. As a result, they require differentiated analytical protocols for their quality testing that may also include microbiological parameters.

NAIAS LABS has the experience, the know-how and the analytical instrumentation for the quality testing of biofuels using accredited analytical procedures.

The Maritime Industry 2050 decarbonisation targets may turn increased attention to biofuels as low sulfur and low carbon emissions blending materials.

Biofuels quality testing by NAIAS LABS is an integral part of our NAFUEL service.