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NADRIN Drinking Water

NADRIN is a global service offered by NAIAS LABS for the easy monitoring of the quality of a vessel’s drinking water, according to current guidelines and ISO testing specifications.
NADRIN is offered in the form of specialized kits, shipped to the vessel by NAIAS LABS, with detailed and easily executable instructions, for the sampling of a vessel’s drinking water. The kits are subsequently dispatched using pre-arranged DHL documentation, for the required ISO certified analytical testing.
Testing protocols and sampling are compliant to WHO guidelines. Results are available, with proper commenting, in e-reporting and hard copy form and are accessible at the customer’s domain in the NAIAS LABS data base.

The 2011 WHO Guide to Ship sanitation states that ship’s water quality testing should be undertaken to evaluate potential health risks associated with the use and consumption of water on board. As a minimum, water use end point and water tanks, should be monitored and samples should be taken and they analyzed by ISO /IEC 17025 accredited shore laboratories for a specific set of chemical and biological parameters, following accepted procedures.