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They are hydrocarbon blends of enhanced molecular weight that are generated as residues during the distillation processing in petroleum refining. As residues they tend to concentrate the initial stock, as for example sulfur. They were widely used in shipping and by land based industry but the new environmental protection regulations have limited their use.

As fuel parcels of commodity cargos, since they are residual products, they require strict quality testing protocols in order to safeguard compliance to the certificate of quality of each parcel.

NAIAS LABS with over 30 years of analytical experience, solid infrastructure and scientific know-how has developed the experience to test such fuels, either as marine bunker fuels, as industrial fuels or as traded cargo parcels.

NAIS LABS offers “NAFUEL” a logistically integrated NAIAS LABS service that collects, transports and tests under ISO certifications residual fuels.