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Distillate fuels are a class of hydrocarbon liquid fuels that are produced during the conventional distillation process of petroleum refining. They have a range of characteristics and are commonly used as internal combustion engines fuel. Some are also used as feed stock to industrial processes. Typical examples of fuel use are gasoline, aviation fuels and diesel fuel.

Distillate fuels are produced in very large quantities are commodities of global trade and should be subjected to strict quality control protocols to safeguard their identity either by the fuel and used as the maritime or land based industries or as cargos traded internationally.

NAIAS LABS has developed a solid experience and quality testing instrumentation base for the testing of the validity of Certification of Quality of such distillate fuels parcels under ISO certifications. “NAFUEL” is a logistically integrated NAIAS LABS service that collects, transports and tests, under ISO certifications, distillate fuels.