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Maritime and land based industries face challenges towards adopting a new energy mix in protecting climatic degradation. IMO, the European Union, the U.S. and others have agreed to reduce global emissions from shipping with emphasis on carbon emissions.
Several alternative fuels are under examination for the ocean going vessels such as LNG, Ammonia, Alcohols, Hydrogen etc. An ambitious 50% CO2 emission reduction from shipping has been adopted.
Following a not too long transition period that will study the required design, development efficiency and financial cost parameters, shipping will eventually adjust to the upcoming requirements.
NAIAS LABS is actively participating to the fora and the dynamics on alternative fuels and has its own R&D team of highly specialized engineers working on issues that are related to the monitoring of the quality of the upcoming alternative fuels.
Analytical infrastructures, sampling procedures and transportation logistics are of interest.
We will be pleased to discuss any of the above issues and relevant developments with you.