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NAIAS LABS for over 30 years has been working for the Maritime industry in the testing of the quality of purchased bunker fuels. This service, offered under the name NAFUEL, is an integrated global service, serving over 1000 vessels.


Marine fuels represent a sizable fraction of vessel’s operating expenses . In addition to their purchasing cost, they indirectly but decisively affect the overall maintenance and cost through their quality characteristics that affect engine performance emissions and wear. The addition of novel environmental compliance regulations has further increased the scope of their influence in vessels compliance. Bunker fuels are subjected globally to strict regulatory quality requirements by institutions like the International Maritime  Organisation (IMO) and port state. Specific ISO specified protocols and specifications, by grade, are in effect for:

  • Representative sampling of each bunker fuel at delivery. (IMO)
  • Transportation of samples to a shore facility. (IATA)
  • Testing bunker fuel samples
  • Reporting of testing results to the interested parties.

NAFUELS by NAIAS LABS offers to international shipping the following for the bunkering quality and regulations compliance, as well as cost control and safety operations under the name NAFUEL:

  1. ABS certified, Drip Sampling Flanges, custom made for each vessel, each with a unique ID number that conforms to the appropriate ASTM Standard and safeguards the drawing of representative samples of delivered fuels at the point of custody change (vessels manifold).
  2. A logistically integrated and cost attractive program for the provision of all required consumables and paper work for the drawing of representative samples, during each bunkering, globally, on the basis of vessel’s position
  3. Transportation of sample from the bunkering location to the shore laboratory by DHL, under NAIAS supervision and with prefilled documentation.
  4. Analytical testing for each type of fuel, according to the selected state of ISO 8217 Marine Fuel specifications.
  5. Additional forensic type testing using GC-MS and other advanced analytical techniques for fuels and ulterior examination, if so specified.
  6. Fast turnaround results reporting, in digital and paper form, to the client. Results are accessible at the customers domain, in the NAIAS LABS secure data base.