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Aviation fuels are mostly petroleum based fuels and blends for use in aviation engines. They are substantially kerosene based for gas turbine engines and are gasoline type for some piston engines.
Their quality characteristics, because of the inherent safety concerns, are strictly regulated for each type of aviation fuel.
The corresponding testing protocols testing facilities as well as analytical experience.
NAIAS LABS is ISO certified for this type of testing and has been active in the certification or recertification of aviation fuels, either as traded commodities cargos or for terminal use under a long period of time.

NAIAS LABS is also actively following the current changes concerning the introduction of alternative fuels or biofuels in the aviation industry as part of carbon footprint minimization efforts.

Military aviation fuels have also been tested by NAIAS LABS according to Military specifications for major international clients, following pre-screening and acceptance, as subcontractor.