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NALUB Lubricating Oils Condition

NALUB is a NAIAS LABS global service for the monitoring of used lubricating oils, of marine or land origin, according to current industry guidelines and testing specifications.
NALUB is based on the use of compact sampling kits, with detailed and easily executable sampling instructions for the sampling of used lubricants, from large two stoke marine engines, four stroke engines, marine hydraulic systems, gear arrangements, airplane hydraulics etc. The kits are dispatched via pre-arranged DHL documentation for the appropriate ISO certified laboratory testing. Testing assesses the characteristics of the lubricant, as well as the wear of the corresponding equipment (tribological evidence). Such information is essential for condition based maintenance planning.
NALUB technical e-reporting is also accessible at the customers domain in the NAIAS LABS data base. Annual statistics are also available for large, contracted fleets or installations.