01. Petroleum Cargo Analysis & Certification

sts conNaias offers global 24/7/365 service coverage and it`s petrochemical laboratory is recognized by international petroleum companies for third party laboratory analysis & product certification services covering most types of residual and distillate oil products, automotive gasoline, Jet fuels, LPGs, naphtha and lubricants.

Naias operates the only independent private petrochemical laboratory facility in Greece and is capable to offer actually experienced & qualified experts for Witnessing Joint Analysis of representative oil samples for determination of contractual specs.

Naias is collaborating with all IFIA Inspection Agencies since 1993 and is fully aware of their actual local operational capabilities, being able to update their Quality Assurance Operational Plans when needed.

Naias Technical Team gathers experience, know-how, means & resources to properly coordinate & supervise field inspectors attending cargo operations, advising proactive measures   & corrective actions during transfer stages, to reduce risks, recover losses & avoid failures caused by inexperience & human errors, environmental conditions, bad planning, poor command and bad judgment .

Our Customers get reliable updates 24/7 directly and always have available and on-time , data, reports & information needed for decision making.