14. Expert Witnessing & Claim Support services

Choosing one expert witness is always challenging, but many cases require more than one expert witness or consultant to complete the job.

Imagine a typical Quality Assurance Dispute due to poor quality of supplied marine bunkers in a world port, where issues arise regarding:

-representativity of sample examined by Joint Analysis,

-selection of an impartial competent local laboratory facility,

-evaluation of evidence collected during bunkering inspection,

-review of bunkering docs,

-approval of applicable international standard methods and spec limits,

-witnessing during analysis to assure that testing methodology is actually followed,

-review and confirmation of calibration data used for laboratory equipment,

-screening of lab-instruments that will be used for analysis,

-review of lab records and analysts`notes,

-validation of lab results,

-review of internal repeatability and reproducibility factors and much more.

Naias Labs s.a.
employs experienced and highly qualified experts covering a wide range of Quality Assurance issues.
Whether you’re looking for an expert chemist trained in ISO 8217 HFO/IFO analysis, or for a qualified cargo surveyor who specializes in fuel dopping or commingling, Naias Labs s.a. can help you find the perfect match.

Naias experts include some of the leading lab-analysts, professional chemists, qualified cargo surveyors, protective inspectors, metallurgical engineers, naval architects, skilled captains, marine engineers, maritime lawyers, and more.

We are ready to place experts around the globe, so don’t let your location stop you from contacting our team of experts.