Enriched ISO-17025 accreditation field of tests for Naias Labs

The Piraeus Laboratory of Naias Labs widens its field of ISO 17025 accredited standard methods of testing to fully cover testing requirements of:

i) ISO 8217 specification, which is the commonly adopted global standard classifying quality of marine fuels supplied to commercial ships.

ii) DEFSTAN 91-91 & MIL-DTL-83133 turbine fuel quality specifications, internationally adopted by military and civil aviation operators.  

The ISO 17025 accreditation today is, the highest rank of international recognition for laboratory testing competence, requiring measurement accuracy, test instrumentation & internal procedures to be always maintained at highest level, while entire laboratory operation is constantly recorded/reviewed internally and frequently audited/inspected by Hellenic Accreditation System, the signatory national member of International Laboratory Accreditation Organization.